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Fresno State is really starting to annoy me

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Fresno State is really starting to annoy me

Postby Red+BlueDude » Fri Feb 23, 2001 1:14 am

Believe it or not, I am actually a fan of the Washington Buzzards (kind of a hybrid between Bullets and Wizards .... but I digress). I may be the only one on the planet, but I am loyal, if nothing else. (Insert your own "loyalty=stupidity" joke here...)

On the same night I have to read about Fresno punking SMU out of a perfect home record this season, I find out that the Mavericks have just shipped Fresno-ex Courtney Alexander to Washington as part of that huge trade. (Note to Mavs Man, or whoever's pulling the strings at Reunion: picking up Juwan Howard, Calvin Boothe and Obinna Ekezie? NIIIIIIIIIIICE! Thought that one through, didn't you?)

Anyway, I had to watch Alexander go off against the Ponies when he was at FSU, and now I have to root for him? Great....

And just to make me more upset, we (Washington) also picked up Christian Laettner (decent player, but I HATE Duke), Loy Vaught (was solid, now old and falling apart) and Etan Thomas (who's the last Syracuse product to do anything productive? Derrick Coleman? Too fat and lazy. Billy Owens? He hasn't been traded/cut a zillion times by accident. That Mobley guy <guard>? Right - nobody's heard from him in years.... There's a reason for that: Like every other Syracuse player, he's awful.)

The only worthwhile player heading to D.C. is Hubert Davis. Yippee -- how exciting.

Tip for Courtney the Wizard: You'd better become the player scouts thought you could when you were drafted. Here's a hint: Follow the boss (that's Mr. Jordan to you) around day and night, and do whatever he does. He had an above-average career, wouldn't you agree?
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